• ThermoPOD produces piping hot water in even the worst British weather.
  • Simply connect the ThermoPOD to any unvented hot water cylinder
  • Using less than 0.5kW per hour when in use, ThermoPOD is an excellent replacement for immersion heaters and fossil fuel systems.
  • ThermoPOD is an ideal hot water solution for domestic or commercial applications.
  • Taking one day to install these robust units are an affordable renewable technology, suitable for almost all properties.
  • Day & night hot water from nature’s free energy.
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Thermopod unit extract heat from refrigerant that return from Thermopod panels and transfer the heat into the water in the hot water cylinder.

Thermopod unit is able to heat your water 24 hrs a day all year round. A default setting will keep your water at 55°C, whenever Thermopod unit detects a 5°C drop of the temperature in the hot water cylinder, it will be automatically on and heat the water. Once the water is back to 55°C, it will be automatically off. Thermopod system will supply you hot water whenever you need.

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