Harnitek Combi Packages

The SmartHUB combi, contains an integrated 250 litre hot water cylinder, pump, expansion vessels and back up heaters. The system is pre-wired, to further assist in a consistent and quick installation and no Fgas certification is required. ThemoAIR plus and SmartHUB combi installation can be completed in a single day. Minimising disruption and cost for the end user

– 250l of Hot water storage
– Hybrid system ready
– Easily control Multiple heat sources
– Multiple flow temps
– Smart monitoring & remote control
– Weather compensation
– Sensors to monitor, flow return and buffer tank temperatures
– 6kw back up heater
– PRV and pressure gauge
– Circulation pump
– LCD touch screen controls
– Thermostatic mixing valve
– Diverter valve
– Wiring centre
– Legionella protection
– No F-gas required
– Expansion vessel

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The new Harnitek R32 heat pump is built for exceptional efficiency & reliability, making it the ideal choice for new and existing heating systems. It is incredibly quiet at just 38dBa when in use. This means the ThermoAIR plus can be installed close to adjacent properties, opening up renewable heating and hot water to almost all properties. The lightweight design of the outdoor units offers flexible installation options.

All orders placed will be dispatched within a few workings day following receipt of your invoice confirmation and payment being made, unless advised otherwise.

Next Generation Efficiency

Introducing Harnitek’s range of A+++ R32 Heat pumps. All units are fully accredited at Low and medium heat outputs. Market leading SCOP of 4.7 meaning exceptional year round performance and faster recovery times.

Touch Screen LED

Harnitek Smart Hub units have a large simple to use touch screen LED controller. Basic quick functions and extended system analysis can be carried out directly through the screen.

Quiet functionality

Harnitek heat pumps are exceptionally quiet, rated at only 38db at 2.1m. It is hard to define how quiet something is, but we are confident you will be astonished at the performance. Settings allow additional ‘quiet mode’ for the most sensitive locations.